Cinnamon Obsession Set



The set includes:
Body balm with the scent of cinnamon rolls, 200 ml
. A thick, creamy body balm with a deeply moisturizing effect and a beautiful scent. It exudes the wonderful aroma of cinnamon rolls, which subtly awakens your senses and puts you in a good mood. The balm contains shea butter, sweet almond oil and marshmallow extract, which take care of the skin, leaving it soothed and velvety smooth.

Shower gel with the scent of cinnamon rolls 200 ml
The penetrating aroma of cinnamon rolls will envelop your senses, providing a feeling of warmth and sweetness that will take you to the magical atmosphere of the holidays. It will turn a long, relaxing bath or even a quick shower into a moment of relaxation. The gel enriched with sorbitol and marshmallow extract not only moisturizes and cleanses, but also nourishes the skin