Triangle Brow Styler


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Three-cornered, twist-out eyebrow pencil

Thanks to its three-cornered and fine tip, the Triangle Brow Styler is an absolute multi-talent: Suitable for quick and flat tracing of your brows, but also suitable for accurate drawing of individual hairs.
It is also convincing with its ideal colour transfer, and it has a remarkably effective brush for blending in.

Application note:
First, hold the pencil upright and trace the entire eyebrow area. To accurately draw individual hairs and for your brows to look completely natural, hold the pencil horizontally and accurately trace individual hairs or fill in gaps with the fine edge. The brush is ideal for subsequently blending in effectively or to get your brows into shape.

Beauty note:
We recommend the Eye Brow Fixing Gel for better fixing of your eyebrow-look.

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